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Congratulations to our Underwater Rugby National Teams for 2023!

The 12th World Underwater Rugby Championships will take place from July 7-15th  in Montreal, Canada.  The teams have spent countless hours training and working toward the Championships and we are proud that they will be representing the USA in 2023.  Let's all cheer them on!

Women Men
Adrian Breitenbach Aaron Davis
Andrea Rendon Bryan Mosquera
Angela Carvajal Cyrus Katrak
Carolina Osorio Arias Daniel Naujoks
Daniela Bedoya Ernesto Altman Restrepo
Daniella Jaramillo Giancarlo Castro
Diana Madden Hector Correa Rengifo
Elena Hoexter Juan Pablo RiomaƱa
Isabela Bedoya Julian Andres Muriel Alban
Jessica Uribe Zapata Mateo Galeano
Julia Gomez Mauricio Beltran
Laura Bedoya Michael McCallister
Luisa Gomez Reuben Hernandez
Maria Rodriguez Rolexi Pinzon
Sara Alvarez Timothy Brown
Jose Bedoya, Coach Jose Echeverry, Coach

Underwater Rugby

Underwater Rugby is a competitive snorkeling underwater sport taking place in 10’-15’. Players wear mask, fins, snorkel with mouth guard, and water polo cap. Baskets are placed on the bottom at either end of the pool. Coordinated short dives put the neutrally buoyant ball inside the basket. Please look under “Regions” or email us for games in your area. Tournaments are held regionally and nationally. Bi-annually there are international competitions.

For more information on U.S. Underwater Rugby, go to:


Introduction to Underwater Rugby


The following materials are available for underwater rugby clubs to utilize in their search for venues.  We are hopeful they may change some pools' perspectives on the safety of the sport and improve venue accessibility.  While the article and presentation are specific to underwater hockey, they may be useful as the sports share many of the same safety concerns.

1)  A peer-reviewed medical journal article on the misleading classification of underwater hockey as an apneic sport.
2)  A presentation from the University of Auckland regarding hypoxia
3)  A safety statement from USOA