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Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey

Welcome to USOA Underwater Hockey!

This non-contact snorkeling sport has two teams of six facing off on the bottom of the pool. The weighted puck can be pushed, slid, or flicked with a short stick into the goal. Equipment includes mask, fins, snorkel with mouthguard, glove, water polo cap and stick. Typical dives last anywhere from 5-20 seconds as the fast-paced game is played. Please look under “Regions” or email us for games in your area. Tournaments are held regionally and nationally. Bi-annually there are international competitions.

Introduction to Underwater Hockey

Congratulations to our Underwater Hockey National Teams for 2023!

The 21st World Underwater Hockey Championships will take place from July 18-30th in Gold Coast, Australia.  The four teams have spent countless hours training and working toward the Championships and we are proud that they will be representing the USA in 2023.  Let's all cheer them on!

Women Men Masters Women Masters Men
Beth Ann Morley Ben Holtzman Beven McWilliams Chris Tommaso
Cheryl Russell Cagatay Adiguzel Carolyn Erdman Christophe Ochin
Christina Jones Casey Nakamura Elaine Willoughby Dan Lowrey
Dagmar Jirsova Chris Docampo Helene Soleille Dave Kennedy
Elsa Debrunner Danny Agren Jia Richardson Greg Fitzgerald
Ianna Debrunner Decker Onken Kat Kurtz Gurkan Peksoz
Johanna Whitman Eric Straily Katie Konrath Lyndon Rive
Kaitlynn Tucker Jono Saunders Katrina Finley Matt Blair
Kim Riccitelli Kevin Green Nicole Fabian Nate Rust
Kristin Straily Luke Bousley Rachel Carrington Neil deHoog
Tricia Simon Raymond Antos Tulin Kaman Phil Hickey
Tyera Eulberg Tristan Debrunner Juan Sevillano, Coach Scott Tucker
Phil Hickey, Coach Iain Curtain, Coach Benjamin Emery, Mgr Andreas Marwick, Coach
Michael Riccitelli, Mgr Andrew Creedon, Coach

Official World Championship Referees

A big thank you  to our USA referees who will be officiating at the 2023 World Underwater Hockey Championships:  John Kulsa, Don Mathews and Rosa Zhang.  This is a huge, voluntary undertaking to travel to Australia and spend two weeks refereeing countless games and working long days to help make the Championships run smoothly and fairly for all teams.  A big HIP HIP HOORAY to our referees!

Underwater Hockey Safety

The following materials are available for underwater hockey clubs to utilize in their search for venues.  We are hopeful they may change some pools' perspectives on the safety of the sport and improve venue accessibility. 

1)  A peer-reviewed medical journal article on the misleading classification of underwater hockey as an apneic sport.
2)  A presentation from the University of Auckland regarding hypoxia
3)  A safety statement from USOA