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Bluewater spearfishing is the sport of hunting wild open ocean fish with a lung full of air and a spear gun. The books, Last of the Bluewater Hunters, Blue Water Hunting & Freediving; the video, Blue Water Hunters; the international magazines, Australian Spearfishing News and Apnea have introduced the sport to the world.

Once thought the sole realm of hi tech anglers, the wildest game fish of the oceans are now fair game for a new breed of free divers. Armed with the know ledge that it is indeed possible to hunt the open ocean and armed with new techniques and advanced gear, breath hold divers are hunting the blue in greater numbers - and getting results! In 1995, two potential record fish were speared. In Mexico, an American expatriate shot a blue marlin, well over 700 lb. Several months later, a Greek diver shot and landed a 760 lb. blue fin tuna. Since no international organization exists to judge and certify bluewater spearfishing records, the International Bluewater Spearfishing Records Committee was conceived to standardize rules and records and to memorialize past and future record holders.

Recognized leaders in bluewater hunting, members of the Long Beach Neptunes hold multiple world records. Their annual Catalina Bluewater Meet is the model for the Australian Bluewater Classic and the Greek Bluewater Meet. The nucleus for the Records Committee, members of the Neptunes met in late 1995 with represent atives of the Underwater Society of America, the Inter national Underwater Spearfishing Association and a member of the International Game Fishing Association to propose bluewater record rules. International Records Committee members were proposed and accepted. In December 1995, the IBSRC concept and proposed rules were presented to the Neptunes Executive Committee for official sponsorship. With this sponsorship IBSRC petitioned the Underwater Society of America for official committee status.

The first year of the Committee was exciting and very busy. General concepts were distilled into bylaws for the internal organization as well as rules and applications for the certification of records. Applications for Committee membership and applications for records were processed. Proceedings and records were published in international forums such as the Australian Spearfishing News, Apnea and the Internet.

Mission Statement:

The IBSRC is “established to promote ethical and sporting spearfishing practices; to establish uni- form regulations for the compilation of world blue water game fish records; and to provide basic spear fishing guidelines for use in bluewater contests and any other bluewater spearfishing activities.”

The words ‘Bluewater Spearfishing’ are defined as capturing or attempting to capture, with a muscle powered speargun while breath holding and submerged, wild edible bluewater game fish species. There are some aspects of this activity that cannot be controlled through rule making, however. Bluewater spearfishing regulations cannot insure an outstanding performance from each fish, and world records cannot indicate the amount of difficulty in capturing fish. Captures in which the fish is not truly wild do not reflect credit on the bluewater free diver. Only the individual spearfisher can properly evaluate the degree of achievement in establishing the record.

General Concept: 

Breath holding divers, using muscle powered spear guns, must spear and subdue their wild blue water catch unassisted and make every attempt to land their catch once speared. 

IBSRC OFFICERS/Executive Committee:

  • Director: Terry Maas
  • Secretary: 
  • Treasurer: 
  • Two Members-at-Large:


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Rules for documenting the catch and making application have been formulated. Requirements include notarization, multiple photographs, common and scientific name of fish, type of scale, witnesses and so forth. Application fee is non refundable $50 USD. Record must be requested within 6 months of capture. Official application forms will be available in English from the Committee or USOA.


For more complete information, brochure and/or application, contact the IBSRC or USOA.


PO. Box 628
Daly City, CA 94017
650 583 8492
Fax 650 583 0614


594 Poli Street
Ventura, CA 93001
805 652 2143
Fax 805 652 1069
IBSRC Committee Email:


ALBACORE - genus, species: Thunnus alalunga

AMBERJACK - genus, species: Seriola dumerili

BONITO - genus: Sarda

BROADBILL Swordfish - genus, species: Xiphias gladius

COBIA - genus, species: Rachycentron canadum

DOGTOOTH TUNA - genus, species: Gymnosarda unicolor


MACKEREL - genus: Scomberomorus 

  • Atlantic 
  • Pacific


  • Striped: Tetrapturus audax
  • Blue: Makaria nigricans
  • Black: Makaria indica
  • White: Tetrapturus albidus

SAILFISH - genus: Istiopohorus

SPEARFISH - genus: Tetrapturus

TREVALLY, Giant - genus, species: Caranx ignobilis


  • Yellowfin: Thunnus albacares
  • Pacific bluefin: Thunnus thynnus
  • Atlantic bluefin: Thunnus thynnus
  • Southern bluefin: Thunnus maccoyii

WAHOO - genus, species: Acanthocybium solandri

YELLOWTAIL - genus, species: Seriola lalandi 

  • Asian 
  • Californian
  • Southern